14FT CrossFit Feather Flag with Pole and Ground Spike


Dr. Rochelle Stevens - 2 Time Olympic Gold Medalist - Customer Review

Great, thank you so much! Everything looks great! I love the quality of the products.

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Full Package ($99) Includes:

  • 14ft Feather Flag Graphic Package
  • Pole Kit
  • Ground Spike
  • Travel Bag
  • Free Shipping

Feather Flag kit will stand about 14ft tall.

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Only $99 for our custom CrossFit feather flag with pole kit, ground spike, travel bag and free shipping.

Due to the popularity of Crossfit, new locations are popping up all over the place. Use our outdoor advertising Crossfit feather banner flag to stand out from your competitor and get noticed. This Crossfit swooper flag is perfect for all new businesses that are looking to start rolling in clients. This flag pairs well with our bootcamp feather flag. Buy both to save on your shipping costs!

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 13 × 50 in

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