7ft Circle Decorator Frame


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Enhance your event’s visual appeal with our 7ft Circle Decorator Frame, specifically designed to transform balloon decorations into breathtaking displays. Ideal for both professional event planners and DIY decorators, this sturdy frame serves as a reliable foundation for your creative balloon arrangements.

Start by inflating balloons of varying colors and sizes to add depth and dimension to your display. Securely attach them close together around the frame, ensuring a tight, full appearance. For a dynamic effect, consider creating color gradients or patterns.

This frame is perfect for weddings, where you could employ a romantic color palette of reds, pinks, and whites. Alternatively, for corporate events, match the balloon colors to the company’s branding for a cohesive and professional look. Birthday parties, baby showers, and anniversaries can all be elevated with a vibrant and fun balloon arrangement on this frame.

The 7ft Circle Decorator Frame is not just limited to balloons; intertwine fairy lights or flowers for an added touch of magic. With this versatile frame, the possibilities for stunning, memorable event decor are endless.

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Package Includes:

  • 1 Single-Sided Custom Graphic w/black backside
  • 4 Curved Tubes
  • 2 Base Legs
  • 1 Base


Material:Stretch Fabric, Dye-Sublimated
Graphic Dimensions: 84.5″w (7′ dia) x
Display Dimensions
:84.5“w (7′ dia) x 87″h x 10″d
Shipping Weight:26 lbs
Shipping Dimensions:48.5″l x 13″w x 5″h

Weight26 lbs
Dimensions48 × 13 × 5 in