2 ft EZ Connect Straight Top Single-Sided Tubular Display


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Introducing the 2ft EZ Connect Modular Tube Display – a revolutionary solution for trade show arrangements that seamlessly blends convenience with visual allure. Through its ingenious modular tube concept, assembling your exhibit becomes a streamlined and efficient endeavor, turning event preparation into a stress-free task. The distinct “pillowcase graphics” wrap elegantly around the framework, ensuring a presentation that’s not only smooth and polished but also irresistibly attention-grabbing. Amidst the bustling energy of trade show floors, the EZ Connect effortlessly distinguishes itself, embodying the pinnacle of contemporary design and functionality.

Crafted to be both lightweight and robust, the display’s construction is a perfect match for the striking intricacy of the pillowcase graphics. This makes it an indispensable asset for forward-looking exhibitors. By choosing the 2ft EZ Connect, your booth transcends mere presentation and evolves into an unforgettable visual voyage, captivating every onlooker with each passing glance.

Production Time: 2 Business Days

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  • (1) Top cross bar – 2ft. straight
  • (1) Bottom cross bar – 2ft.
  • (2) 3-section 64″ pole
  • (2) Bottom cross bar L shape connector
  • (1) Single foot – 34mm
  • (1) Soft Bag – 2ft.
  • (1) Single-Sided Graphic with White Back Fabric


  • Material: Stretch Fabric
  • Display Size: 24″W x 90″H x 18.75″D
  • Template Size: 25″W x 89.5″H
  • Shipping Dimensions: 41″W x 12″H x 4″D
  • Shipping Weight: 16 lbs (frames and graphics)
Weight16 lbs
Dimensions41 × 13 × 5 in

Graphic Templates

pdf icon2 ft EZ Connect Straight Top Single-Sided Tubular Display – Template


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