20 ft EZ Tube Connect Backlit Single-Sided Modular Kit A


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Experience the unparalleled trade show journey with the EZ Tube Backlit Modular Kit A EZ Single-Sided, spanning 20 ft. This masterpiece harmoniously merges convenience with captivating aesthetics. By harnessing cutting-edge backlit technology, this display guarantees your brand emanates luminosity and remains etched in memory, even amid the bustling event atmosphere.

What truly distinguishes this kit is its user-friendly design, enabling tool-free connections that streamline the setup process. This efficiency empowers you to prioritize networking and presenting your brand seamlessly. The single-sided layout further enhances the impact, providing uninterrupted, compelling visuals that irresistibly attract attendees, transforming every interaction into a valuable engagement.

In the ever-evolving realm of trade shows, the EZ Tube emerges as a true standout, seamlessly fusing effortless assembly with mesmerizing graphics. For exhibitors determined to make an indelible impression, this display stands as the ultimate companion, ensuring not only simplicity in utilization but also an influential visual proclamation.

Production Time: 2 Business Days

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Package Includes:

  • (2) Top straight tube -5ft (56mm)
  • (2) Bottom straight tube – 5ft(56mm)
  • (6) L shape connector (56mm)
  • (6) Vertical tube(56mm)
  • (6) Plastic corner connector (56mm)
  • (2) Single foot(56mm)
  • (8) LED Light Bag
  • (8) Light kit
  • (8) Transformer
  • (4) Transformer Bag
  • (8) YC-E3 wire line
  • (1) Top straight tube -10ft (56mm)
  • (1) Bottom straight tube – 10ft(56mm)
  • (1) Vertical Support Pole
  • (3) Medium Hard Case
  • (2) Double foot(56mm)
  • (3) Single-Sided Graphics


  • Material:Stretch Fabric
  • Display Size: 120″W x 90″H x 18.75″D
  • Template Size: 2ft. 24″W x 88″H
  • Template Size: 5ft. 60″W x 88″H
  • Template Size: Medium Hard Case 62.375″W x 32.25″H
  • Shipping Dimensions: 22″W x 39″H x 17″D
  • Shipping Weight 10ft : 85 lbs (frames and graphics) x 1 cases
  • Shipping Weight 5ft : 66 lbs (frames and graphics) x 2 cases
  • Available at:Pacific Fulfillment Center
Weight85 lbs
Dimensions39 × 22 × 17 in

Graphic Templates

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