10 ft EZ Tube Connect Backlit Single-Sided Modular Kit B


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The 10 ft. EZ Tube® Connect Backlit Single-Sided Kit B embodies the essence of contemporary trade show displays, meticulously curated to amplify your brand’s radiance like never before. Powered by advanced backlit technology, it goes beyond mere visibility, ensuring that your visuals are etched into memory, emanating brilliance even within bustling environments. Crafted with the user’s experience in the forefront, its instinctive design allows for tool-free assembly, facilitating a swift and seamless setup process. This translates into reduced time grappling with components and increased time engaging with potential clients.

The single-sided attribute of this display guarantees an uninterrupted focus on your pivotal message, alluring attendees with its luminous charm. Amidst the whirlwind of activity in a trade show, the EZ Tube® stands as a guiding beacon of clarity and innovation. Its fusion of user-friendliness and the potential for impactful visuals positions it as an indispensable instrument for exhibitors striving to leave an enduring imprint.

Production Time: 2 Business Days

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Package Includes:

  • (2) Top straight tube -5ft (56mm)
  • (2) Bottom straight tube – 5ft(56mm)
  • (4) L shape connector (56mm)
  • (4) Vertical tube(56mm)
  • (4) Plastic corner connector (56mm)
  • (2) Single foot(56mm)
  • (2) Single foot – 34mm
  • (4) LED Light Bag
  • (4) Light kit
  • (4) Transformer
  • (4) Transformer Bag
  • (4) YC-E3 wire line
  • (2) Medium Hard Case
  • (1) Double foot(56mm)
  • (3) Single-Sided Graphics


  • Material:Stretch Fabric
  • Display Size: 120″W x 90″H x 18.75″D
  • Template Size: 2ft. 24″W x 88″H
  • Template Size: 5ft. 60″W x 88″H
  • Template Size: Medium Hard Case 62.375″W x 32.25″H
  • Shipping Dimensions: 22″W x 39″H x 17″D
  • Shipping Weight: 66 lbs (frames and graphics)- x 2 cases
  • Available at:Pacific Fulfillment Center
Weight66 lbs
Dimensions39 × 22 × 17 in

Graphic Templates

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